Where can I buy J.B. Hill boots?

Please submit a product inquiry form or contact customer service at (915) 599-1551.  Experienced staff is available to assist and answer your questions.


How long will it take to get my boots once my order is placed?

Delivery varies (14 – 20 weeks), we will give you a more accurate delivery date when your fitting process is complete and your order is placed.  Specialty orders with intricate custom designs, or hand carved boots, will require additional time.  Customer service will keep you informed if we encounter any delays in processing your order.

NOTE: due to high demand during the holidays, please be aware orders require advanced preparation.  In order to guarantee delivery by Christmas, orders must be placed and sized by the first week in August.


How do I get custom fitted for boots and is there a fee?

We have a successful ordering and fitting process thru the mail. We will provide you with easy to follow instructions and forms to complete (download measuring kit), along with “fitter boots”.  If any size adjustments are needed, they will be at no charge. Please contact customer service for details.

J.B. Hill boots charges a $200 fitting fee for our staff to provide fittings and there is no fitting fee if you complete the measuring kit and do your own measurements.


I bought boots from you before, do I have to get refitted?

Measurements are kept on file and a new fitting may not be necessary.  If it has been more than 10 years, or you have had excessive weight gain or loss, or had medical procedures or conditions and your feet, lower leg have changed, we would require new measurements.

Do you require a deposit for my order?

A payment in full is required to put your order in production.


How can I surprise someone with a pair of custom J.B. Hill boots or other products?

If you would like to gift a pair of our boots, or any of our products, as a gift or surprise, it’s as easy as purchasing our “gift certificate” in any denomination.  It can be personalized and sent alone as a certificate, or with a fitting package.  Fitting package includes instructions on fitting, swatches, “fitter boots” to try on and will allow the individual to be part of the design process.


Can I visit the factory/showroom?

Visits to our factory where you can observe the boot making process are by appointment only.  You can also select the leather and style options along with a personal fitting.  We are open Monday thru Friday 6:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.


What style options are available for my custom order?

You are the designer! You may custom design your boots by mixing and matching details of various options such as leathers, toe and heel style, stitch patterns, pull straps, collars, etc. We will price your boot based on your unique design details.


Can you make boots from my own hides?

Yes.  If you provide skins or hides to us to produce a pair of boots, we will be happy to work with you assuming the hides are of good quality and approved tanning.  There is a $1500.00 base charge. More information available  on our  Hunters Information section.


Will my boots look exactly like they appear on the website?

There is no guarantee on exact color shading and texture which may differ slightly from the boot depicted on the website screen.  Variations in electronically transmitted colors and dye lots may differ from one batch of leather to the next.  We are happy to provide you with a swatch upon request. Please realize leather is harvested from actual animals and this leather is not man-made, so there will be variations in color and texture. The imperfections and scaring that occur naturally add uniqueness and beauty to the finished leather products.


How do I care for my boots?

Detailed care instructions are enclosed with your finished boots.


How long do you guarantee my boots?

We can tell by looking at the boot if the concern is normal wear and tear or a defect.  We stand behind our products and work to satisfy our customers.  One client may wear their boots daily in animal waste or wade in ankle deep water, and yet another client might wear them once a week to church.  One client will polish, clean and condition them regularly and another client does nothing to them.  We strive to make the best quality custom boots world wide.  If you have questions regarding your specific boots and wear, we are happy to answer questions.


Are boots refundable?

PROVIDED BOOTS HAVE NOT BEEN WORN OR DAMAGED – Custom boot designs and styles are non-refundable.  Cancellation fees are as follows:

  • 20% cancellation fee on orders before production begins.
  • No refund on custom designs once production begins.