Fitting Process

Our many years of experience has shown us that the best way to fitting a customer is to attempt to get you into a “fitter boot” that has been built on our clean standard last.  This enables you to get a feel for our particular last.  This boot will generally fit about 90% of the male population with little or no adjustments.  The ladies tend to have somewhat more problematic fit with higher percentage needing adjustments.

When a customer tries on a fitter boot and it is determined that adjustments to the boots are necessary we have a basis from which to start making these adjustments.  If in unusual cases where there is a need for additional fitting information we have the ability to either take measurements of customer’s feet or give directions to the customer to measure their own feet.   We will work with you making adjustments at no additional charge if the original fit is not satisfactory.

In difficult to fit situations where a custom last has to be built there will be a one time custom last charge.  Your last will be retained for up to 2 years for any additional orders you would like to place.